Damian siqueiros

Damian Siquerios is a Montreal-based image maker, photographer, not the kind that reflects reality, but the kind that imagines one to transform it into something tangible, mostly through multi-disciplinary work, may this be art direction, stage design, makeup or styling.

As a commercial photographer he helps clients find their visual voice and express themselves through compelling imagery that makes long lasting impressions. This not only garners success for clientele, but it inspires their public. Such is the case with Vogue Mexico, Les Grand Ballet Canadiens, Elle Mexico, and many others.

As an artist, he is an avid defender of gender equality and works for the acceptance of diversity as key elements to a better world. He does it ever so gently through the aesthetic of the great masters of painting such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and JW Waterhouse. With his work he seeks to provoke emotions, change, conversations and respectful confrontations. His work has earned him the great opportunities of beingexhibited at in museums and galleries throughoutNorth America and Europe.

Damian is a beauty-seeker, not the shallow version, but the one that often hides from the eyes, the one who embraces and enhances the transformative power of art. He is a seeker of beauty because, as Dostoyevsky said, "beauty will save the world" and Damian plans to do it one image at a time.

For more visit:  http://www.damiansiqueiros.com